Monday, September 19, 2005

Muaz Haffar Description

White Male
5' 6"
155 lbs
Light complexion
Brown hair
Green eyes

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Muaz Haffar Still A Fugitive

Haffar's attorney, Steve Saltzman, appeared in court Wednesday to tell [Judge Stanley] Sacks he did not know of his client's whereabouts. Haffar had been freed on a $900,000 bond.

"Maybe we'll see you again sometime then," Sacks said.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Victim Advocacy Group Wants Law Changed

Haffar is charged with first degree murder in the fatal beating of University of Illinois at Chicago student Tombol Malik.

His father and sister reportedly made a similar appearance last week but refused to testify invoking the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. It’s unclear whether they testified yesterday.

Prosecutors and lawyers refused to comment, citing grand jury rules about secrecy.

The grand jury reports added to growing speculation that family members may face criminal charges in Haffar’s disappearance despite a state law that exempts parents, siblings and spouses from prosecution for concealing or aiding fugitives.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office declined to comment when asked whether criminal charges were being considered against Haffar’s father and sister. Authorities feared Haffar jumped bail and fled overseas where he has family. Crime victim advocates urged state legislators to change the law shielding family from criminal prosecution for helping a fugitive flee. “We should have laws that make sense,” said Gail Leland, Director of the National Coalition of Homicide Survivors. “A law should be in place that says anybody who helps someone flee and getaway there should be some sort of sanction or penalty.”

Leland said family members are usually the MOST likely to conceal or aid a fugitive relative and can’t understand why the law here protects them. She said laws like this hurt victims and their survivors.

“They’re victimized again by the state and the system that should be there to protect them,” Leland said. “We have to continue to be vigilant about our laws. There are so many that are on the books that need to be updated and unfortunately we usually don’t find out about them until something terrible has happened.”

Haffar’s sister and father said previously they had no knowledge of his whereabouts. However, after Haffar’s no-show in court, police searched the family’s Burr Ridge home where they found packed luggage. Investigators reportedly were checking whether airline tickets had been delivered to the Haffar residence and examined phone records in search for clues to his whereabouts.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Haffar, 21, after he failed to show up in court for a preliminary hearing. He had been free on $900,000 bond and was to appear with co-defendant Mantas Matulis, 20, Clarendon Hills, for a preliminary hearing. Both men are charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery in the July 9 fatal beating of Tombol Malik, 23, a University of Illinois at Chicago student. Matulis remained jailed after a judge revoked his bond earlier this week.

Authorities fear Haffar may have fled to the middle east. His mother lives in Syria and his brother is believed to be living in Egypt. He was not required to surrender his U-S Passport to the court and prosecutors typically do not ask judges to seize the passports of U-S citizens even when murder charges are involved.
WBBM Chicago

Poll: Where Is Muaz Haffar?

Where Is Muaz Haffar?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lawsuit Filed in Beating Death

Corboy & Demetrio has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of a UIC college student who was beaten to death in the early morning hours of July 9, 2005.

Tombol Malik, age 23, was allegedly beaten to death by Muaz Haffar, age 21, 8250 Lake Ridge Drive, Burr Ridge, and Mantas Matulis, age 20, of unincorporated Willowbrook, outside a party in the 1500 block of South Sangamon Street, Chicago. Haffar and Matulis have been charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery. Haffar, the son of a doctor, has posted bail and has been released from custody. Matulis remains in custody.

Malik died from horrific injuries he sustained while beaten over the head and face repeatedly with a bicycle lock. His face was disfigured beyond recognition.

Partner Shawn Kasserman of Corboy & Demetrio said:

Tombol was a peaceful and kind human being--a gentle and intelligent man--who was killed for no reason by unimaginable brutality. The lawsuit seeks compensation from Haffar and Matulis, but most importantly, it serves as an opportunity to secure justice and hold the responsible parties accountable. We will use every means available to make sure the defendants pay for the damage they have inflicted on this family.

Tombol Malik is survived by Karen Brobst, his mother; Sharafuddin Malik, his father; Samil Malik and Sati Malik, his brothers; and Shiera Malik, his sister.

Corboy & Demetrio

Monday, August 15, 2005

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Muaz Haffar's Family Pleads The 5th

"The father and sister of a fugitive wanted in connection with the University of Illinois at Chicago bicycle lock slaying appeared before a Cook County grand jury Wednesday, but both refused to testify, a source said. In choosing not to testify, the pair invoked the Fifth Amendment's protection against self-incrimination, the source said."

Chicago Suntimes

Muaz Haffar's Family Subpoenaed

"A court order now makes the search for fugitive murder suspect Muaz Haffar a family matter as family members are subpoenaed. "

"We’ve specifically asked for e-mails of the family members as well as Muaz Haffar, any and all cell phone records, land-based records, any medical records they may have,” said Malik family attorney Shawn Kasserman."

“The Haffar family is not going to be able to disregard the laws of the state of Illinois forever,” Kasserman said.

"Haffar’s family is from Syria. "

'Kasserman says he’s reached out to Syrian, Lebanese and Turkish authorities for help in locating the suspect. He says authorities in those countries have been cooperative. "

CBS 2 Chicago

Family Told To Come Clean

The subpoena also requires Haffar’s family to answer questions under oath.

"We want them to testify ... about where their son is," Rasserman said.

Rasserman said he believes the Haffar family knows Muaz Haffar’s whereabouts. According to Illinois law, a person cannot be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive if that person is a relative of the fugitive, Rasserman said.

"I can’t imagine with the amount of money Dr. Haffar is responsible for, and the closeness of the family, that they don’t know where he is," Rasserman said.

"The Haffar family isn’t going to be able to ignore the laws of Illinois forever.

Rasserman said officials in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt have been contacted about the case because Haffar’s family is from Syria.

"Whether he’s in Burr Ridge or Syria, he’s going to be brought in," Rasserman said.

Chicago Journal

Police Search Hotel For Murder Suspect Muaz Haffar

"Police in Burr Ridge surrounded a hotel on a tip that Muaz Haffar, a murder suspect who skipped out on bail, might have been holed up inside."

NBC 5 Chicago

"Police surrounded a southwest suburban hotel for several hours this afternoon after receiving a tip that a fugitive murder suspect was inside, but it turns out they were staking out an innocent man."

CBS 2 Chicago

New Details Of Murder

On Monday, Cook County Assistant State's Atty. Michael Falagario offered what he said were new and "quite disturbing" details, saying Malik had been left with six skull fractures, 30 external injuries and 11 internal injuries

Falagario also handed the judge photos of Malik before and after the beating, saying they "speak for themselves."

Chicago Tribune

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sources: Packed Suitcases Found At Haffar Family Home

" Authorities are increasingly concerned that Muaz Haffar may have fled the Chicago area to avoid trial in the fatal beating of a college student with a bike lock, sources familiar with the investigation said Friday.

Investigators have found packed suitcases at the Haffar family home in suburban Burr Ridge, sources said, and there appeared to be few of his belongings at the Chicago apartment where the 21-year-old had been staying. Investigators were attempting to determine whether airline tickets were delivered to the Haffar home in recent days, investigators said, and were scouring phone records for clues to his location.

Haffar, who had bonded out of the Cook County Jail days after the July 9 death of Tombol Malik, 23, a University of Illinois at Chicago student, did not appear for his court date Thursday, outraging the victim's family and friends. Haffar's mom is believed to be in Syria, prosecutors said Friday, and he may have a brother in Egypt."

Chicago Tribune

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Muaz Haffar Friends & Family Interviewed

"Investigators have interviewed family and friends of 21-year-old Muaz Haffar, the man accused of beating UIC student Tombol Malik to death with a bike lock July 9 near the UIC campus, according to a spokesman with the Cook County sheriff's office."

Chicago Sun Times

Friday, July 29, 2005

Muaz Haffar Is A Fugitive

"If you see him, don't make contact with him. What we would advise is to dial 911 and get the local authorities and let us know where he's at," Burr Ridge police Cpl. Joseph Farmer said.

Chicago Red Streak

Naperville Sun

ABC News

NBC News

Daily Herald

Daily Southtown

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun Times

Muaz Haffar Has Had Facial Surgeries

"She said her brother had suffered many facial fractures and had had surgery."

Chicago Sun Times

"She said her brother...has endured facial surgeries"

Chicago Tribune

Muaz Haffar Photos

Noor Haffar Statements

"Nobody has been able to get ahold of him," said Noor Haffar, 24. "I hope he's OK."

Investigators have not said what Haffar and Matulis were doing in the neighborhood. Haffar's sister said Haffar and Matulis were staying with her at an apartment near the site of the beating.

Noor Haffar said Thursday that she has spoken to her brother, and she insists Malik was the aggressor, not her brother.

Haffar struck Malik in self defense, she said.

"At one point, my brother's life flashed before his eyes, and he pleaded with Malik to drop the [bike lock]," she said.

She said her brother had suffered many facial fractures and had had surgery.

Chicago Suntimes

Haffar's sister, Noor Haffar, 24, said her brother has been depressed and panicked in recent days but that she has not seen him since Wednesday. People should wait to learn all the facts of the case, Haffar said, and should not be quick to judge her brother."We want people to be patient and the truth will come out," Haffar said. "I just hope he's OK."

"He would never do something like this unless his life was in danger; he did what he could to escape," she said of the incident. "He wouldn't throw his life away for no reason. Three lives are completely destroyed by this."She said she hopes her brother turns himself in so he can face the charges.

Chicago Tribune

"I want him to know that the truth is coming out now and he doesn't have to be afraid because justice will be served," Muaz Haffer's sister said.

"I think he was just afraid for himself and afraid for us. We can't even stay home anymore," Muaz Haffer's sister said.

NBC 5 Chicago

Last week, Haffar's sister, Noor Haffar, said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that her brother was simply scared and couldn't face the courthouse throngs. She also said an extremely drunk Malik and Popelka started the July 9 fight.

Chicago Suntimes

Noor Haffar Invokes 5th Amendment Rights Against Self-Incrimination

Chicago Suntimes

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Steven Saltzman Statements

Haffar's attorney, Steven Saltzman, told the judge that his client is a good student from "a very strong family." Haffar's father, Nabil, is a doctor, and his sister is studying medicine at Rush University Medical School, Saltzman said.

Chicago Tribune

Steven Saltzman, attorney for other suspect, 21-year-old Benedictine University student Muaz Haffer, said, "It is a very upseting time for these families. My client's family is a very close family, a very respectable family (which) is very upset about this and feels terrible for Mr. Malik's family."

NBC 5 Chicago

In court, his attorney, Steven Saltzman, glanced around anxiously, then told Judge Laura Sullivan: "He's gotten confused. He's had some surgery recently."

As Saltzman scurried back and forth in the courthouse lobby, some friends of the victim accused him of aiding a fugitive. Saltzman stopped and said, "Don't act like that." Later, Saltzman denied rumors his client might have left the country.

Chicago Suntimes

"He's gotten confused," Steven Saltzman said of his client, telling the judge Haffar, 21, had recently undergone medical procedures and must have been uncertain of what time he was to be in court.

"No," Saltzman said outside court. "He has not fled the country."

Chicago Tribune

Haffar's lawyer, Steven Saltzman, said neither he, nor the suspect's family, knows where Haffar is.

"If I knew where he was, he would have surrendered himself," Saltzman said. "His family wants him to turn himself in."

Chicago Tribune

“It’s speculation. Unfortunately, you all have done way too much speculating in this case,” said Haffar’s attorney Steven Saltzman. “It’s silly to speculate. We’ll know something when we know something.”

“I’ve said consistently, I think my client should be here,” Saltzman said.

CBS 2 Chicago

Nabil Haffar Statments

"I want him to come forward. Don't be afraid, and be strong because he's innocent," the suspect's father, Nabil Haffar, said.

Nabil Haffar said he hasn't seen his son since Wednesday. He denied reports that Muaz Haffer may left the country, because he doesn't have a valid passport, Mitchell reported.

"I'm 100 percent behind him. I'm supporting him," Nabil Haffar said.

NBC 5 Chicago

Haffar's father says his son is in the country and was simply scared to come to court Thursday. He says he is recovering from surgery.

Haffar's father says Muaz was too scared to go to court because of threats he says he has received from Malik's friends.

"Most likely, probably, he received severe threats, threatening words from somebody. I don't know," said Nabil Haffar, father of missing suspect. "He was scared. I'm telling you, he always tells me 'Somebody spotting me all the time, somebody in a threatening car.' "

Haffar's father believes his son is innocent, and he was a victim injured in the fight with Malik

ABC 7 Chicago

Nabil Haffar Invokes 5th Amendment Rights Against Self Incrimination

Chicago Suntimes

Murder Description

"UIC student Tombol Malik suffered as many as 20 blows, many with a U-shaped bicycle lock, in a fatal beating last weekend [July 9th, 2005] that fractured his skull in several places and crushed his nose, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times...An autopsy showed that Malik did not suffer defensive wounds to his arms or hands and that he suffered nearly 30 injuries, including lacerations and bruises...He also suffered several internal injuries, a source from the Cook County medical examiner's office said...His skull appeared to be fractured in five places, the source said... Cook County prosecutors said Malik fell to the ground during the attack and was repeatedly beaten and unable to defend himself...Haffar allegedly pounced on Malik, using both hands and then Malik's bicycle lock."

Chicago Sun Times

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